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105U-G Range Wireless Gateway

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ELPRO’s 105U-G Range Wireless Gateway supports a variety of industrial protocols and can be combined with ELPRO’s 105/505U-I/O and 115S products to create simple to complex I/O and database networks. Multi-hop repeat five times, using fixed frequency radio bands the 105U-G covers licensed radio channels in most countries.


• 150/220/400/869 MHz, 5 mW–5W, 3.6–19.2 kbps radio communications to 35 miles (55 km) with multi-hop repeating

• Able to connect to similar and dissimilar industrial protocols and vendor devices

• Flexible and secure networking, point to multipoint communications with forward error correction (FEC), data integrity check (CRC) and data encryption

• Eight configurable digitals onboard I/O with I/O expansion via the ELPRO 115S series products

• AC/DC/battery power options with UPS battery charger

• Module diagnostics including read/write of register I/O, reporting of received signal strength indication (RSSI), communications logging and internal measurement of low/normal and battery supply voltages

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