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Product Spotlight: Yokogawa Single Loop Controller


Product Spotlight: Yokogawa Single Loop Controller

Now that entire Moore/Siemens 350 family is obsolete, are you considering upgrading to a DCS? Are you concerned about the cost and time for a new installation, application development and personnel training? Is it possible that the new equipment vendor may again leave you stranded with their equipment as their core business is not industrial automation and control?

We have a better solution for you: Yokogawa and its YS1700 PID loop controller. Yokogawa has been providing industrial solutions, as their primary business, for over a century and their YS1700 will keep you off of eBay looking for spare 353 parts.

  • Excellent legibility thanks to a modern, high definition color display.
  • Nuclear qualified with industry acceptance and installations
  • ABS approved for marine and offshore applications
  • Certificate 16-YO1503743-PDA-DUP
  • Extensive experience in boiler applications
  • A proven upgrade path to protect your engineering investments in installation and application development.
  • Designed for 100% up-time
  • Very high mean time between failure calculation
  • Dual processors and hard manual back-up to maintain control signal to the final control element in case of trouble.
  • Nonvolatile memory for program backup, no batteries to fail
  • Preconfigured control modes for basic applications requires no programming
  • Powerful function block programming for custom applications with large programming capacity
  • Reliable Ethernet / Modbus / peer-to-peer communications
  • Resistant to malicious network data storm attacks based on GE’s Achilles Certification level 1
  • Expandable I/O
  • AC/DC dual power supply with wide operating voltage range to ensure stability against supply voltage fluctuations
  • Internationally recognized agency approvals: FM nonincendive, CSA nonincendive, ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) and CE Mark

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