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What It Takes to Be a BBP Baller

BBP Baller-values

What It Takes to Be a BBP Baller

It’s officially the end of summer and we are well over our halfway mark for 2018.  It has been an exciting year for BBP so far.  In January, we launched an employee recognition program, the BBP Baller Belt, to reward employees who personify our company values and demonstrate excellence every day. Our core values describe who we are, how we treat one another and the way we conduct ourselves within the company. The values of our employees, along with their unique customer-centric perspective, shape BBP’s culture. While our goals and strategies may evolve, our core values will remain constant. The following core values define what’s important to us at BBP:


Like – Pay attention to needs and build long-lasting relationships. Through personalized attention and superior responsiveness, we take pride in being a company our customers like to do business with.

Trust – Establish trust through product knowledge, response and managing expectations. Build with the end in mind and prioritize work that advances our mission and positively impacts our customers.

Commitment – Commit to serving customers and place their needs first in all interactions. If you are interested, you may succeed. If you are committed, you will always succeed.


Today, we are pleased to announce our “BBP Ballers” for the first and second quarter of 2018. These employees were nominated by their co-workers for a job well done. Congratulations!



Heidi Boggs, Inside Sales – Instrumentation, Birmingham (1st Quarter Award Recipient)

Heidi works closely with our outside sales team to bring world-class results to our customers. With a 5-year tenure, Heidi is bona fide BBP veteran. When asked about the secret to her success, Heidi says, “If you want to be successful at BBP, continue to learn and practice your skills. Be sure to use available resources that will help you along the way and never give up!” Heidi’s positive attitude is infectious, and we’re glad to have her as a part of the BBP team.

Cindy Sorrow, Administration, Birmingham (1st Quarter Award Recipient)

Cindy has a “you got this” attitude and is a constant encouragement to those around her! On any given day, you can find her assisting in all aspects of customer service and operations. Cindy supports the integration team to processing purchase orders, accounting support, office management functions such as preparing the office for meetings, training, supplies and facility maintenance. You name it, she does it! She’s been a tremendous asset to BBP for many years and has been a significant contributing factor in supporting this organization in becoming the success it is today.



Marshall Miller, Inside Sales – Instrumentation, Baton Rouge (2nd Quarter Award Recipient)

Marshall is one of our top-notch inside sales representatives and has been with the company for over two years. Many team members and customers appreciate talking with Marshall because of his down-to-earth personality as well as his product knowledge and expertise. As an inside sales rep, Marshall excels at clearly communicating with others and helping them understand how our products and services can address their current needs. His great work ethic, passion for serving customers and determination are just a few of the reasons we are glad to have him on the BBP team.


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