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4 Goals to Optimize Boiler Operations and Increase Generation Efficiency

4 Goals to Optimize Boiler Operations and Increase Generation Efficiency


Let’s just say that 2020 was a year we’d soon rather forget. And 2021? Better, but not one for the records books. Ah, but 2022. That’s a year that’s still yet to be determined. We all have high hopes of achieving new and better things in the coming year.

For systems integrators or OEMs in the boiler and generator markets, here are 4 ways to help you take hold of innovation and move forward with efficiency.


Goal #1: Think in terms of innovation.

You’re in the business of building robust and sustainable systems. You need to predict problems, prevent loss, and improve efficiency. The best way to accomplish that? Innovation. Specifically, by leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT).

The right IoT-enabled technologies can deliver more of what you need, including remote access, automated alarms, and immediate data visualization; all of which can help you avert issues, maintain supply, and provide fast respond to undesirable situations.

That’s not all IoT technologies can do. They also can help OEMs in the continuous quest to become more competitive in the marketplace. For example, an OEM can leverage valuable IoT-generated data to inform strategic decisions, such as where to invest budget or where to cut costs. It also can help OEMs upgrade products based on real, in-the-field usage data, making them better equipped to meet customer needs and demands.

Goal #2: Focus on what matters most.

IoT solutions run the gamut from configuring to commissioning to connectivity of systems. The right solution is the one that lets you overcome your unique challenges.

For example, fleet management may be a challenge, but is it more important than, say, reliability, efficiency, or scalability? Only you can decide what matters most for your organization. Resolve to focus on YOUR end goal, rather than someone else’s.

In fact, by focusing on your organization’s specific ecosystem first, you’ll be better able to do what you set out to do, such as minimizing risks around high-value assets.

Goal #3: Embrace the cloud.

Speaking of high-value assets … if something goes wrong and your generator loses power, you literally could lose hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars for every minute you’re down.

By resolving to embrace cloud connectivity, you’re not only taking a pre-emptive strike against such disaster, you’re also setting yourself up to optimize your boiler systems and maximize generation capacity.

Unlike the old-style “game of telephone” in which news gets lost in translation, real-time, cloud-based connectivity helps ensure that the right person receives the right notification at the right time. You can designate who should get instant warning notifications for critical data points, such as when levels are too high or low, or when systems are too hot or cold.

Cloud-based solutions can also give your point person the ability to immediately click through, see the data points, analyze it on the fly, and make decisions about what problem-thwarting, money-saving action to take (or not to take).

Goal #4: Take advantage of others’ expertise.

With such a torrent of IoT-enabled devices and gateways out there, it can be easy for system integrators or OEMs to get overwhelmed or confused by the options. But in a world where time-to-market is at warp speed and efficiencies can make or break a company, it’s all too easy to get sucked into the marketing hype.

So, don’t.

Instead, arm yourself with information. Know your desired outcomes. Have a thorough working knowledge of the benefits of data-informed decision making.

Then and only then should you resolve to implement the fourth and final resolution: Seek the help of experts.

Mind you, we’re not talking about product pushers. We’re talking about real experts with real-world experience in implementing innovative, IoT-enabled solutions – the kind of solutions that you can easily implement, can scale up or down quickly and easily, and that move you into the New Year both confident and empowered.

How to Have It All

You deserve to have the best possible Year. So, we’re partnering with organizations and OEMs around the world to help them do just that. Please understand that we’re more than a gateway provider or BAS automation facilitator.

We offer data-informed solutions, including simultaneous product integration, cloud connectivitya mobile app interface, and scalable, secure remote access that work in conjunction to optimize your operations and boost efficiency.

Here’s to all the OEMs and system integrators who resolve to continue to move forward with innovation, clarity, and efficiency.

Via MSA The Safety Company