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Straight From the Lab: VEGAPULS 64 Put to the Test

Straight From the Lab: VEGAPULS 64 Put to the Test

VEGA is changing the way operators think about liquid level measurement and system isolation with the VEGAPULS 64. Last summer, VEGA Americas tested the performance of the VEGAPULS 64, the world’s first radar level sensor for liquid, operating at a frequency of 80 GHz, for liquid level measurement when mounted on ball valves and gate valves. To realistically capture a true field experience, VEGA tested the PULS 64 with the four most commonly-used ball valves and gate valves. Each test consisted of an empty vessel being filled and emptied, verifying measurements at empty, half-full, and full.

Lab Results

The VEGAPULS 64 consistently showed high performance with both ball valves and gate valves. Using normal settings with no specific adjustments, the 80 GHz sensor achieved a clear signal every time with all four sizes of valves. The high-frequency instrument emits a radar beam as narrow as 3° depending on selected antenna, so fewer signals are reflected by a valve’s interior. This minimized noise creates a clear picture of the level inside a tank without installing a special-ordered valve. This proves to be a significant breakthrough for operators who regularly work with reactors, acid tanks, and spheres storing hazardous liquids.