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The VEGASWING 61 is a universal level switch for use in all liquids. Independent of the mounting position, it detects reliably with millimetre accuracy the limit level. The instrument can be used in vessels as an empty or full detector, as approved overfill protection, dry run protection or pump protection in vessels and pipelines. The VEGASWING 61 offers maximum reliability in a wide application range.

Application area

It detects the limit level reliably and with millimetre accuracy directly at the mounting position. Numerous process fittings, approvals as well as housing and electronics versions.

Your benefit

  • Precise and reliable function due to product-independent switching point
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Minimum time and cost expenditure thanks to simple setup without medium


Pump room

To protect the process pumps, any leakage water, for example, arising from a faulty pump seal, is detected and an alarm triggered. The pressure in the pipe is measured directly at the pump and displayed in the control system of the plant. Any malfunctions can be quickly detected and dealt with.

Cooling Water Pumps

A considerable amount of cooling water is required for a coal power plant. Large, powerful pumps are needed to keep the huge quantities of water circulating. Robust and adjustment-free sensors ensure that the pumps never run dry.

Ballast tanks

Floating drilling or pumping assets such as platforms or FPSOs are stabilized by filling or emptying ballast tanks with seawater. This enables operators to critically and safely manage the ballast and trim of a vessel according to operational needs, deck loading and sea conditions. For trouble-free operation of the ballast system and the safety of personnel and equipment on board, reliable level measurement and point level detection are absolutely essential.

Cleaning agent storage tank of the CIP system

The cleaning of process equipment in the food industry takes place within the framework of validated “Cleaning in Place (CIP)” processes that ensure aseptic conditions in production tanks. Sodium hydroxide or concentrated acid are frequently used as cleaning agents, which are stored in the storage tank of the CIP system and diluted in the production vessel. Level measurement enables optimal storage of these cleaning agents. Point level detection serves as overfill and dry run protection.

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