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Series RSMC STABILISENSE™ Critical Room Status Monitor RSMC-B-002



The Series RSMC StabiliSENSE™ Critical Room Status Monitor is designed for critical low differential pressure applications that require stringent pressure monitoring and alarming. It can be configured to monitor positive or negative pressure in clean rooms, hospital isolation rooms, school nurses offices, laboratories, and vivariums. The RSMC is a complete system with a touchscreen graphical user interface which enables access to pressure, humidity, temperature, air change, security, door status, calibration, and alarm setup. The graphical display color changes allow a clear determination of when the parameters are operating within the acceptable range (green), caution range (yellow), or have gone outside the acceptable operating range (red). The RSMC StabiliSENSE™ critical room status monitor comes standard with BACnet MS/TP and Modbus® RTU communications. Each RSMC includes a factory calibration certificate.


  • Pharmaceutical facilities
  • Semiconductor manufacturing facilities


  • Long-term stable pressure measurements
  • User-configurable graphical interface
  • Monitors up to 3 rooms with a single unit
  • Displays up to 4 parameters including pressure, relative humidity, temperature, air change, and/or door status
  • Allows for flush installation in walls with space constraints with the shallow mounting depth of 1.1″ (27.5 mm)
  • Full color 4.3″ touchscreen LCD incorporate color status indication: green for good, yellow for warning, and red for alarm
  • Easy-to-clean optional brushed stainless steel bezel
  • BACnet MS/TP and Modbus® RTU communications
  • Includes RSMC, junction box, factory calibration certificate, and USB-C/USB-A flashdrive

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