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The RAKD Rotameter is a highly accurate variable area flow meter used for the measurement of liquids and gases, particularly in_low flow and high pressure applications. RAKD meters can be fitted with a fine control valve and are designed with horizontal process connections. An integrated flow controller based on the differential pressure principle allows a constant flow rate to be maintained regardless of any variations in process pressure.


Unique, Robust Design

The RAKD has an all stainless steel housing for use under the harshest industrial conditions and is also available with a fine control valve. Its light floats result in low pressure loss and stable float movement (reduced float bouncing), and guided floats improve flow indication stability, providing reliable measurements.

Easy to Install & Maintenance Free

RAKD rotameters are independent of the electrical power supply when operated as mechanical pointer instruments and also available with electrical output signal.

High Level of Safety

Optional fail-safe limit switches make the RAKD suitable for SIL2 safety applications. In addition, FMEDA reports are available to support SIL applications.

Optional Electric Transmitter

With an electric transmitter, the RAKD can produce a linearized signal output due to a ┬ÁP controlled transmitter. By using a fast connection technique (QUICKON), easy cabling without opening of the housing is possible. Other features of the electric transmitter include:

  • Additional inductive limit switch and/or pulse output can be combined
  • Additional tuner with display (service box) can be connected to perform various configurations


The indicator features a stainless steel enclosure well-accepted by industrial standardized design, providing enhanced corrosion resistance. Additional features of the indicator include:

  • Easy enclosure opening by bayonet catch without additional tools
  • Enclosure tightness of protection class IP 66/67

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