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PanaFlow HT


PanaFlow HT is a SIL-rated flow meter used for flow measurement of liquids in either nominal or extremely high or low process temperatures. It is the first ultrasonic flow meter to receive SIL (Safety Integrity Level) certification. As a safety flow meter, or coker flow meter, the PanaFlow HT SIL flow meter is designed for use in safetycritical applications where reliability ensures reduction in risk to personnel, to plant assets, to the environment and to corporate reputation. It also brings advantages to any non-safety critical application where reliable ultrasonic flow measurement is required.

• Coker crude distillation

• Vacuum distillation

• Crackers

• Hydrotreaters

• Visbreakers

• Crude oil

• Liquefied natural gas (LNG)

Features & Benefits

• No drifting flow measurement

• No periodic calibration required

• No maintenance

• No restriction in the pipe

• Reliable measurement by design— (IEC61508 certification pending)

• Flow measurement in extremely high- process temperature (600°C/1112°F) applications

• Flow measurement in extremely low- process temperature (-200°C/-328°F) applications

• Bi-directional measurement

PanaFlow Gives You Confidence in Your Flow Measurement

PanaFlow HT is a wetted ultrasonic flow meter that is SIL certified (IEC61508 pending) by design to give you confidence in your flow measurement and to provide reliable flow meter operation for both safety and process control systems. It is the first SIL-rated ultrasonic flow meter on the market.

In addition to the peace of mind that SIL certification brings, PanaFlow HT also has all the advantages of ultrasonic flow measurement over other traditional technologies—no measurement drifting, no periodic calibration requirement, no restriction in the pipe, minimal pressure drop, no maintenance, and no moving parts.

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