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Kammer Small Flow

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Flowserve’s low flow valve is a valve with a Cv value range between 0.012 and 4.7. Flowserve also manufactures Micro Flow valves. These are designed to offer lower Cv than 0.012 and down to 0.000063. In the Flowserve control valve portfolio, a wide range of valves are designed to offer both ranges. These products are widely used for applications in laboratories and industrial research departments as well as industrial processes requiring high degrees of low flow control accuracy. Flowserve Kammer Small Flow Control Valves’s long-standing experience in manufacturing low flow and microflow trims with a reproducible flow characteristic makes these valves one of the top performing low flow control valves in the market.

Kammer Small Flow Control Valves can be used in almost all low flow and micro flow applications. SmallFlow valves are used in laboratories and in small scale production plants. They are also used to satisfy the demand for acurate injection of fluids into process systems. Examples of this are dye addition for paper and textiles, fuel oil burners, pilot plant skids, additive injection in refineries, desuperheater spray injection and almost all applications in R&D – flow, temperature and pressure control.

With the cryogenic extension the SmallFlow – 385000 is suitable for liquid nitrogen services down to -196 °C (-321 °F).

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