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Fujikin Ceramic Mini Control Valve

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The Fujikin Ceramic Mini Control Valve offers significant advantages over conventional severe-service valves. It does so by utilizing the advanced properties of technical ceramics made with 99.5% high-purity alumina ceramic. 99.5% high-quality alumina ceramic guarantees a valve that is superior in all respects, including resistance to corrosion, abrasion and cavitation. The valve also provides with ultra-precise control. For all Mini-Control Valves, backlash/stiction is less than 0.2%. Response time is an ultra-quick 0.1-second average. Overshoot is an impressive 0% — yielding unprecedented fluid control accuracy in a fully-ceramic valve.

The Fujikin Ceramic Mini Control Valve offers a solid ceramic body in a wide variety of trim sizes to assure precise process control with maximum rangeability. Simple design allows an effortless means of maintaining the valve with minimal down-time. The stainless steel housing encloses the ceramic body and packing components to provide a durable and corrosion-resistant protective housing. A ceramic stuffing box is also inert to corrosion and cleans away any media that might have accumulated on the ceramic stem, thereby protecting the packing against gouging. because of this, dual seal is accomplished by providing V-Packing as well as inner and outer O-Rings to eliminate any possibility of leakage. 

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