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1701 FieldMonitor ™ Series Machinery Protection System


The 1701 FieldMonitor Series puts our most popular machinery protection measurements into a field-mounted, distributed I/O architecture. Based on Allen-Bradley’s popular Flex I/O™ line of network adapters and process I/O modules, the 1701’s distributed architecture reduces installation costs and is specifically designed to meet the needs of selected machinery package customers. This system provides the information and modules you need to put together the correct system for your application.

The FieldMonitor* Machinery Protection System provides traditional vibration and thrust position monitoring functions, while also providing a distributed architecture that you can tightly integrate with numerous machinery control systems. The system is capable of making the following measurements:

  • Shaft radial vibration or shaft axial thrust position monitoring using proximity probes
  • Casing seismic vibration measurements using either acceleration or velocity transducers

The system has been specifically designed to meet the needs of machinery Original Equipment Manufacturers and packagers. The design significantly reduces wiring and installation costs and allows you to mount the system on the machine skid. The system can directly accept selected proximity probe types without the need for an external Proximitor* sensor. The appropriate network adaptor permits single-cable digital communications between the FieldMonitor System and its host control system. Available network adapters support a variety of industrial communication networks such as ControlNet™, DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS™ DP, MODBUS™, and Allen-Bradley Remote I/O. Thus, any control system supporting these protocols as part of its input/output (I/O) structure can use the FieldMonitor System.

A single FieldMonitor Terminal Base can accommodate from 1 to 8 channels, plus a Keyphasor* transducer. When additional channels are needed, you can add other terminal bases as required. A separate terminal base is needed for each shaft rotative speed as each terminal base can accommodate only one Keyphasor transducer.

Distribute the bases on the machine where installed transducers must connect to them, and then connect the terminal bases to the host control system by means of the appropriate network adapter.

The FieldMonitor Machinery Protection System uses embedded technology from Allen-Bradley. Because it physically connects to Allen-Bradley’s 1794 series Flex™ I/O family of products, including Allen-Bradley and third-party network adapters, it provides additional flexibility and application options when used in conjunction with Flex I/O. For example, the FieldMonitor system can share the same network adapter with other Flex I/O modules, if desired.

The host control system regards the FieldMonitor Machinery Protection System as an intelligent I/O node that can monitor its transducer inputs, compare measured values against user-configurable alarms, and perform sophisticated self-tests that ensure that the installation maintains monitoring system integrity at all times. You configure the system i either via special configuration software designed to work in conjunction with the controller’s programming environment, or by simply issuing appropriate commands from the controller.

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