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Fox Thermal: Choose a Flow Meter


Fox Thermal: Choose a Flow Meter



After more than 20 years of manufacturing thermal gas mass flowmeters, Fox Thermal continues to lead the market in innovative, reliable, accurate, and full-featured flow meters. Their exceptional team of mechanical, electronic, and software engineers has helped to shape the thermal mass flow measurement industry.

There are two types of Fox meters: insertion and inline. Insertion will work in the vast majority of applications, but when the pipe diameter is less than 1.5 inches (37mm), install an inline version. More details can be found on the Fox website. Because the inline model includes flow conditioners to control the flow profile, less upstream and downstream straight pipe is required. Note that insertion meters require a straight pipe run that is equivalent to 15 pipe diameters in length upstream from the meter — and 10 diameters downstream. For an inline meter, the corresponding figures are 8 and 4 diameters respectively. Note that Models FT1 & FT4A are not currently available in inline styles.

To ensure that all Fox meters meet specified performance parameters and provide accurate, repeatable measurement, all calibrations are performed to NIST-traceable flow standards. Furthermore, all calibration equipment is subject to a meticulous metrology program that includes the selection, control, and maintenance of measurement standards.

To figure out what model of flow meter you need, visit Fox Thermal’s website to use their interactive tool to choose the right product to suit your needs.

If you need more information on how to use the Fox Flow Meter Configurator, click here to view a quick tutorial.