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Field-Mount Pressure-to-Current Transmitter

PIH Field-Mount Transmitter by Moore Industries

Field-Mount Pressure-to-Current Transmitter

Moore Industries’ durable PIH Pressure-to-Current Transmitter provides an economical solution for any process that requires a rugged instrument capable of interfacing a pneumatic device with a data acquisition/control system, controller, recorder, or other electronic instruments.

This compact yet powerful unit accepts most pneumatic signals (3-15 psig, 0.2-1 bar, 3-27 psig, etc.) and accurately converts them to a proportional 4-20mA output. The PIH is perfect for field mounting. Its metal casing makes it a tough field-mount unit when you need strength without the added expense of an explosion-proof enclosure.

Features Include:

  • Perfect for harsh field environments
  • Saves installation costs
  • Immune to shock, vibration, and position
  • RFI/EMI protection
  • Reverse Output Option

Visit the product page to download the PIH data sheet.

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