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2100 Gauge Hatch


The Model 2100 Gauge Hatch provides ready access to storage tanks for gauging or obtaining samples. The gauge hatch may also provide additional pressure relief as a supplement for normal or emergency venting. These gauge hatches are intended for use where the fire protection afforded by flame arresters is not considered necessary. They are available with either a non-locking or locking hatch. Gauge hatches are furnished with flat faced flanges. It is recommended that they be installed on mating flat face flanges with a full faced gasket. If the flat face of the hatch is sealing against a raised face steel flange, a spacer or filler ring must be used to fill the annular space of the raised face steel flange.

Features of the 2100 Gauge Hatch:

  • Easy Inspection, Installation, and Maintenance.
  • Simplistic design and lightweight construction permit easy, convenient handling for inspection, installation, and maintenance.
  • Standard construction has non-locking hatch and includes a thermometer hook and gauge marker.
  • Special locking design available with a Knob Latch construction.

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