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Did you know that the most reliable facilities actually spend less on annual maintenance? By proactively identifying issues and prescribing the exact amount of necessary attention, organizations can address little problems before they become big problems while greatly reducing maintenance spend.

In this workshop, you will learn why LoRa accomplishes amazing long-range links. We will explain the relationship between the unique characteristics such as Data Rates, Spreading factors, Bandwidth, Receiver Sensitivity, and Sensor battery life. We will also discuss LoRaWAN® architectures, network security, classes

This hands-on class presented by the BBP Valve Automation team will cover the basics of valve automation. Topics include: Ball, BFV, Plug Valves Pneumatic Actuators Solenoid Vlaves Limit Switches Positioners Hands-on assembly demonstrations   Breakfast, Refreshments, Lunch Included Certificates of Achievement Provided   Click here to register.